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An ECO-SOLAR house heater is a modern technological solution for ventilation, moisture removing, and room heating.



Operation principle

The heater works automatically with no connecting to the socket. This allows using the heaters in places with no access to source of electricity.

 The main purpose of solar house heater is to constantly dry the air of a building with hot air. It helps to get rid of moist, stuffed air and remove mold and fungi.

The ECO SOLAR heater is supposed to be used in houses with either seasonal or constant living.   

  It can also be used for ventilation of technical rooms shops bars and restaurants beach buildings technical buildings and other places where warm dry air without moist and mold is needed.

Using ECO SOLAR equipment for ventilation and heating will prolong the lifespan of a building.

Heating the incoming air reduces humidity in an accommodation. The difference between the outer and inner temperature is 15-20 C.

Money saving

The system uses only solar energy for its functioning. It means that it saves your money.


The system is not connected to the stationary electric circuit. It is safe and inflammable.



When the sunrays affect the surface of the heater the built-in solar battery starts generating electricity and launces the fan. Through the small holes at the back of the heater the cold air from outside is soaked inside the heater, spreads evenly and warms.

The warm air is directed into the room through a flexible pipe (it is included in the heater set) through the wall. The entering hole is decorated by a special ventilation box (also included in the heater set).

The specially designed membrane (in the set) prevents the warm air from coming back.

The switcher (in the set) allows switching the heater off when the warm air is no longer needed.

The fasteners (in the set) allows fixing the heater in any place suitable for you.

The heater is available in several sizes for accommodations ranging from 25 m2 to 150 m2.         

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