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Eco house

Our aim is to bring the house comfort to a very high level, that’s why we choose eco-friendly, strong and durable natural material and technology.

You can check our current project here:  Villa "Sea Breeze"

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Read more about glulam timber houses and choose a project you can here:  "ECO HOUSE"

sea breeze

Apart from house construction, BXC Investment & Enterprises Ltd supplies Siberian pine and larch lumber to North Cyprus.  Our company supplies timber of exceptional quality and hardness. The supplied lumber is made of trees which are two hundred years old.

We can say it with confidence, there is now real Siberian timber available in North Cyprus for the first time.


BXC Investment & Enterprises Ltd is registered in North Cyprus. Our main occupation is building glued laminated timber houses.


Beautiful and long lasting furniture can be made of Siberian pine. It will look perfect for many generations. If to use this timber for interior cladding, then you will have a therapeutic effect, as Siberian timber releases into the air special volatile substance which is beneficial for health and breathing.

Buy or order a timber you can here: Siberian Timber