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The capacity is enough to raise the room temperature for 15-20 C

  • Heats the room

  • Dries the moist (reduces humidity,   protects from mold and fungi)

  • Provides air circulation (air the room without heat loss)

  • Uses no electricity (uses solar energy)

North Cyprus is a sun island. There are 330 sunny days a year. North Cyprus dwellers are lucky to enjoy ecological and absolutely free source of heat and energy.

A new product in the sphere of house heating has recently come to the market to help people keep their houses warm in winter and get rid of mold and fungi.  Apart from heating an accommodation Solar House Heater also provides it with good ventilation, helping to get rid of moisture and high humidity, giving access of fresh air. It uses solar energy only.  It is mounted on a wall of a house, as an option it can be fixed on the roof from the Southern side of the building to make the work of a heater the most effective.

It is good for big and small apartments, houses and villas, saunas, indoor pools etc.


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